Nordic ALASCCA study will answer the question: Can aspirin prolong survival in colorectal cancer?
Anna Martling Surgeon, chief physician, professor, dean and research group leader for the ALASCCA study. Anna Martling already has many titles. Now she can add Cancer Researcher of the Year 2021.

Anna Martling Surgeon, chief physician, professor, dean and research group leader for the ALASCCA study. Anna Martling already has many titles. Now she can add Cancer Researcher of the Year 2021.                          Ingress:

In Sweden (population 11 mill.) circa 7 000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer and around 2 700 die from the disease.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer after prostate and breast cancer (apart from skin cancer.)

Worldwide, more than 1,4 million men and women are diagnosed with the disease, and more than 50 percent will die.

Thus, there is a high need for more efficient adjuvant therapies to improve survival in colorectal cancer.


Question: Anna Martling, how would you briefly describe the ALASCCA study?

ALASCCA is a prospective, randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled, multicenter, biomarker-based study of

adjuvant treatment with aspirin in colorectal cancer. A total of 3,800 Nordic patients will be screened.

ALASCCA is short for Adjuvant Low Dose Aspirin in Colorectal Cancer.

The primary objective of ALASCCA is to determine whether, adjuvant treatment with 160 mg aspirin once daily for 3 years, can improve time to recurrence in patients with colorectal cancer with somatic alterations in the PI3K signaling pathway. The effect of aspirin is by reducing inflammation.

However, it is not entirely certain how aspirin works in these contexts. Absolutely is inflammatory and COX-2

inhibition, in connection with the then specific mutation Pik3Ca, an important component. However, it may also be the platelet inhibitory effect of aspirin that may be significant.

Question: Why has ALASCCA taken aspirin as a starting point for such a comprehensive study?

Recent retrospective studies suggest that adjuvant treatment with common acetylsalicylic acid – such as trombyl or aspirin – after a colorectal cancer diagnosis significantly improves survival for patients with alterations in the PI3K signaling pathway. Given that alterations in the PI3K signaling pathway are found in 30 – 40 percent of all colorectal cancer this finding, if found to be proven true in a well-designed prospective study, could have tremendous improvement potential in enhancing survival in colorectal cancer.

Question: ALASCCA has been running since March 2016. Even if it is not completed, you may already be able to see what effect daily intake of low-dose aspirin has?

No, the state of knowledge is still unclear.

Observational studies have reported a decrease in colorectal cancer in regular aspirin consumers. Randomized controlled trials have shown a reduced risk of adenoma, but so far, no study specifically had the prevention of recurrence of colorectal cancer as a primary endpoint.

Now patient number 600 is randomized in ALASCCA.

As a result, we have closed the screening for new patients within the study. Now the important work of following the patients who are randomized to study drugs continues.

Our study will be evaluated regarding primary endpoint only in three years (Q2 2024) and then published.

There are 4 – 5 other aspirin studies in parallel with ours in an international perspective. However, no one is fully included and completed. We are the first to have completed inclusion and the only one to use a biomarker to control treatment.

Question: Is there a risk that individuals in the control group take low-dose aspirin and thus affect the end result?

Good question, which we also asked ourselves.

Factual information to the subjects is absolutely essential here. We do not know about ASA at all is effective for this very purpose and that it is the basis for us to do the study.

It is important that the people participating in the study understand. However, we have gradually realized that the risk is small, especially as the subjects neither do not know what the daily dose contains – aspirin or placebo nor if their tumour has the potential predictive biomarker or not. We urge all subjects to avoid aspirin and instead take paracetamol for colds, transient headaches, or the like.

Question: Should not a disease as serious as colorectal cancer be the subject of general health examinations?

The decision to recommend screening for CRC has since long been taken and planning before starting is now underway in some of the country’s 21 regions. Only Stockholm-Gotland has a fully developed screening program so far.

The National Board of Health and Welfare recommends everyone between the ages of 50 and 74 to be screened. The corona pandemic is partly due to delays.

The chance of being cured increases if the disease is detected early.

Question: What advice do at-risk patients receive regarding dietary habits?

At the group level, we know that there are certain risk factors that are linked to our lifestyle. They therefore receive partly the same advice as everyone else

others who want to live healthy; reduce intake of red meat and charcuterie, take control of body weight – avoid obesity. Coffee is good, as is a high intake of fiber.

Question: In an interview in the magazine SJUKHUSLÄKAREN 2/21, you say that “Precision medicine is the only way forward.” You mean cancer treatment.

 Can you develop it?

Precision medicine means a significantly improved ability to provide “the right treatment for the right patient at the right time”.

The ability is based on new possibilities to genetically determine each patient, to map and understand human biological variation. In the area of ​​solid tumors, such as  colorectal cancer, we are currently conducting tests for genetic changes that give us answers to the question of whether the tumor can respond to an individualized specific therapy, so-called “tailored treatment”.

In the future, we will see more and more combinations of treatments at the individual level, such as radiation + one or

several drugs. Interestingly, old drugs such as aspirin can have a renaissance when combined with new genetic and medical-technical methods.

Of course, our opportunities to achieve therapeutic success increase the more information about the patient and the more diagnostic and therapeutic methods and available drugs we have, concludes Anna Martling.      //COB


Helps pharma and biotech companies reach their commercial goals with strategic and tactical approaches to distribution, pharmacy, and patient access across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Real-world Experience and Deep Industry Connections. Archbow senior team members have an average of 25+ years of experience. First-hand knowledge gained from working for Patient Service Providers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers/Payers, Pharmacies/Specialty Pharmacies, and Wholesalers/Distributors, allows the Archbow team members to apply unique insights to anticipate and proactively solve the challenges manufacturers face when commercializing new products or optimizing the supply chain and support services for existing products.

Strategic Market Access planning for the requirements to commercialize pharmaceutical products in North America and Europe.

Product Distribution consulting services including 3PL, Wholesalers, Specialty Distribution, State licensure guidance, and Product Serialization advice

Pharmacy Dispensing consulting services for all types of pharmacies including Specialty, Retail/Chain, Independent, Hospital, Clinic or Home Infusion Digital, and Mail Order

Patient Support Services program design and build, including Copay, Reimbursement assistance, Prior Authorization support, Field Reimbursement Support, and other patient out of pocket mitigation services.

Bergman & Eek
Commercial and Operations Consulting In Healthcare and life sciences.

Walkbek is a company providing consulting and interim management services to companies around the world operating in the life sciences and healthcare industries. From start-ups to big pharma, biotech, medical devices and not-for-profit organizations covering early development stages, product launch, commercialisation and lifecycle management.

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Paul Valdez


Key Competences
  • Over 30 years international experience in the consumer healthcare arena
  • Core capabilities in international marketing and business development
  • Combination of strong strategic skills and real-world pragmatism, backed by best-in-class multi-national training
  • Joint Honours degree in Economics and Economic History from the University of Bristol
  • Various multi-country General Management roles for GSK Consumer Healthcare
  • Head of Business Development for continental Europe for The Block Drug Company
  • Various multi-country General Management roles for Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Founder of Valdez Consulting Limited
The Bloc Nordic
International Marketing and Business Development consultancy

Valdez Consulting specialises in consumer healthcare across Europe and beyond. We work on market entry strategy, local partner search and licensing-in/licensing out of products & technology. We combine our extensive line management and consulting experience with a fully comprehensive global network in order to help our clients build their business within and across borders.


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At Amarin we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products - topical and transdermal - for more than 30 years, consequently we offer vast experience and know-how. We have carried out successful developments that are currently being commercialized in the main markets of the world (Fentanyl in EU, Diclofenac in the US and Rivastigmine in Latam).

We proudly own the only transdermal patches factory in Latin America, and we have managed to place our products and developments throughout more than 40 countries of the world.

In addition, as a boutique laboratory that we are, we stand out for providing greater flexibility and adaptability to our clients, which makes us a competitive partner with international quality standards. Amarin is the strategic option to partner with since we guarantee professionalism, commitment and flexibility.

Bergman & Eek

Nordic Europe offers excellent opportunities for business. It is a constantly growing market with traditional and newly aroused business environments. We can offer a tailor-made service package for all Nordic or each market separately.

Nordic Europe offers excellent opportunities for business. It is a constantly growing market with traditional and newly aroused business environments. We can offer a tailor-made service package for all Nordic or each market separately. Specific services include: Market entry, opportunity identification, strategic planning, product registration, sales and marketing, distribution arrangements and follow-up.

Bergman & Eek

Enteral Nutrition DME Supplier and Medical Food Billing services

HEARTS ENTERAL, LLC is a dedicated unique DME supplier solely for enteral nutrition products. We specialize in medical foods, enteral formulas, and dietary supplement supplies.

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Pontus Bergman

Pontus Bergman

PB Lawyer, founder of Bergman & Eek Advokat AB.

Key Competence

Principal felds of practice are strategically planning for privately owned companies regarding all legal and economical matters. Special focus on developing and establishing new companies or activities abroad, including international tax law for companies and employees.

  • Education: Master of Law from University in Lund
  • Partner at Setterwalls Law Firm
  • Member of the board of POA Pharma AB and in several Swedish privately-own companies.

Ingvar Bosaeus

Ingvar Bosaeus


Key Competence

Clinical Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine.


University of Gothenburg

  • Consultant physician at the Clinical Nutrition Unit, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden. 
  • Associate Professor in 1992
  • Adjunct Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg 2000 - 2015.

Author or co-author of about 180 peer reviewed publications and several book chapters.


Mainly in the fields of body composition, energy and nutrient metabolism, and effects of nutrition therapy.

Carlos Massone

Carlos Massone

MD, Executive at Innovative Medicines Group.

Key Competence
  • 27 years of experience in pharmaceutical business
  • Leadership & ethical management. 
  • Dedicated to rare diseases, Medical Information, Interaction with patient associations.
  • Medical Doctor, Buenos Aires University,
  • Cardenal Newman, Buenos Aires University
  • International experience in LATAM experience (Qualia SA & Innovative Medicines Group) and USA (Technology Catalysts Inc.)
  • Executive with Networking & International Relationships: Vast number of projects developed along with companies such as Nestlé Health Science, Sobi, Recordati, Nova Labs, RDT, Clinigen, Retrophin, Immedica.

Mats Erasmie

Mats Erasmie

Chairman of the board Simplex Motion AB. Consultant in Leadership and Business Development, Erasmie&Erasmie AB.

Key Competence

Sales, Leadership as a part of a strategic changes.

  • MBA, International marketing, University of Stockholm.
  • Certified in Authentic Leadership,Transaction Analysis, Situational Leadership (SL II, Blanchard)
  • Certifed in Insight Discovery, Certifed in DISC
  • Consultant in Leadership and Business Development.
  • Erasmie&Erasmie AB.
  • Chairman of the board Simplex Motion AB.
  • Consultant at Booster Group AB, business development and negotiations.
  • Teacher at IHM, Market Analysis, Practical Marketing and Negotiations.
  • CEO, Chairman of the board and partner; Sällma AB.
  • Vice President Marketing & Sales, Consultant in Leadership and Business.
  • Development at Cordovan Performance Sweden AB.
  • CEO at Lucky Punk AB.

Books and training packages, marketing and sales, twelve in total since 1999

  • ”MED KUNDEN I FOKUS”, Liber Ekonomi 2000
  • ”KUNDRELATIONEN”, Liber Ekonomi 2001
  • ”FÖRSÄLJNING OCH SERVICE”, Liber Ekonomi 2003
  • ”PERSONLIG FÖRSÄLJNING 1”, Liber Ekonomi 2012
  • ”PERSONLIG FÖRSÄLJNING 2”, Liber Ekonomi 2014
  • ”Dödskaravanen”, Historical novel, 2018
  • ”Silverfloden”, Historical novel, 2019
  • Various articles in the magazines Ledarskap, Affärsvärlden and Dagens Industri.

Bruno Leraillez

Bruno Leraillez

CEO & Founder of Innoledge International Ltd. Since 1994 in Hong Kong.

Key Competence

Entrepreneurship for health industry products and services between Europe and Asia. Market access, marketing and distribution. Cross border e-marketing.


Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, Immunology. ENVA and Paris Medicine University.

  • International product manager, Far East director and China Corporate Country manager for Rouusel-Uclaf before establishing Innoledge International Ltd.
  • RA expertise in Far East countries, 
  • IP protection
  • Marketing and distribution of medicines, medical devices and cosmetics. 
  • Internet market research for big pharma. Sourcing of medicines and medical devices for third world tender markets. (NGO & governments).

Yeo Siew Meng

Yeo Siew Meng

Founder of Ziwell

Key Competence

Sales and Marketing of Pharmaceuticals

  • Graduated as a pharmacist from the prestigious National University of Singapore.
  • Post-Graduate studies in Business from National University of Singapore in 1988


  • Business Development Head Abbot and Glaxo in Singapore
  • Ziwell Medical in Singapore and Malaysia.

Pascal Nizet

Pascal Nizet

Founder and partner at Pharmaphenix and Asderco. Board Member of Accure Therapeutics

Key Competence
  • Seasonal entrepreneur with a broad international experience in healthcare industry, instrumental in cross cultural business agreements. 
  • Over 20 years’ in international marketing, sales, and portfolio management positions.
  • Board member of start-up biotech companies.
  • Master in Business Administration, CEMS degree, ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
  • Commercial Engineer & Business Administration, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Founder and partner at Laboratorios Asderco (Spain), Board Member of Accure Therapeutics (Spain)
  • Founder and partner at Pharmaphenix (Spain)
  • Business Development Europe at Reaction Biology, (USA)
  • Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Laboratorios Rubio (Spain)
  • International Marketing Manager / Area Manager, Almirall (Spain)

Tina Madsen Sandström

Tina Madsen Sandström


Key Competence

Over 35 years experience within the international Pharmaceutical industry Rx, Medical Devises, OTC and   Rare Metabolic Diseases. Administration, Leadership, , Licenses & Acquisitions, Start-ups Development, Development, Management, Leadership.



Merkonom, Educated at Hillerød Business School

  • Managing Director for Pharma-Vinci A/S, Member of the branch organisation BFID
  • CEO Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • CEO POA Pharma Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board POA Consulting AB
  • Director of the board POA Pharma Scandinavia AB
Hala Raghib

Hala Raghib

“CEO of Reach Pharmaceuticals.”

Key Competence

Over 20 years’ experience in pathology, medical devices, academia, innovative and generic pharmaceuticals working at various departments at Sigma Pharmaceuticals (later Aspen and Arrow pharma), Dentsply International, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Australia, Dorevitch Pathology, RMIT University and Orpharma.

  • Master of Business Administration, La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Pharmacology, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Hons), RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Medical Science, La Trobe University, Melbourne .
  • Founding Chief Executive Officer Orpharma Pty Ltd
  • Country Head Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd Australia & New Zealand
  • Head – Scientific Affairs & Portfolio, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Australia) Pty Ltd. 
  • Committee Member Leukodystrophy Australia
  • Higher Education Quality Committee - Academies Australia Polytechnic
  • Ambassador for Eureka Prize Australian Museum, Honorary position.
  • President of leukodystrophy Australia
Klas Rosell

Klas Rosell

CEO Rosell+Co, CEO and Editor in Chief Affecta Publishing

Key Competence

Strategic planning, PR.

  • University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • University of Sussex, UK, 
  • Journalisthögskolan, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Reporter at Swedish Dailies
  • Copy Director at Ted Bates Medical and Grey Medical
  • Owner and founder of an advertising agency with focus on Pharma and Life Science
  • Transition manager at Pharma company
  • Advisor to management groups within Pharma (Rx and OTC) and Life Science
  • Mentor to CEOs, public and private companies 
  • Head of Communications at international life science company
  • Head of Communication in  health services
  • Operation manager at international health services
  • Acting COB of a primary care unit in psychiatry
  • Publisher of medical literature

Roland Sandström

Roland Sandström


Key Competence

45 years experience within the international Pharmaceutical industry Rx, Medical Devices, Metabolic Diseases, OTC. Commercial Strategy, Business Development, License & Acquisitions, Start-ups Development,Management, Organisation Theory.


Master of Political Science at the University of Lund

  • Managing Director Meda Sweden
  • Board member of LSAB and LIF
  • COB Vitafo Scandinavia AB
  • Director of the board Navamedic
  • COB POA Consulting Scandinavia AB
  • COB POA Pharmas Scandinavia AB
  • COB POA Pharma North America
  • Kunden som Kompis (Customer as a Pal)
  • Articles around Project work, organisation theory and marketing
  • Lectures and abstract publications at IPMA in Paris and Ljubljana
Selçuk Özceada

Selçuk Özceada

PhD, MBA, an entrepreneur with proven track record in scientific academia, business and public sectors.

Key Competence

A true multinational with 30 years of living and working experience in the UK, Norway, USA, Turkey and Cyprus on pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

  • BSc in Biochemistry at Kings College, London University
  • Masters in Clinical Biochemistry at leading medical schools of London University
  • Doctorate in Immunology from St. Thomas' Medical School, London University
  • MBA from Warwick University in the UK.

Owner of two companies dealing in human and veterinary pharmaceuticals wholesaling and distribution; and providing business development to international companies, specialising on biotechnology and vaccines. Currently very involved in the promotion of a leading multinational veterinary vaccine manufacturer’s products in Europe, Middle East and CIS. Also provides sectorial consulting to fund managers and acts as a financial advisor in M&A deals, specifically focusing on healthcare.

Previously Dr Özceada served as Under Secretary to the Ministry of Health, directing the provision of healthcare in North Cyprus; and as a pharmaceutical management consultant in

UK, provided strategic advice to multinational pharmaceutical companies on product development. While doing his post-doctorate in Oslo, Dr. ÖOzceada played a pivotal role in assisting the Norwegian Department of Health in establishing a treatment and rehabilitation center for Norwegian rheumatic patients in Turkey, that country’s very first health tourism project.


Özceada has 23 publications in international journals on immunology, mainly on autoimmunity and antibody genetics. His four year postdoctoral studies at the National Hospital in Oslo led to his interest and hypothesis on immunogenetics of HIV infections and cancer.

Serge Scotto

Serge Scotto

Managing Director, PharmInsight, Board member in several pharmaceutical companies.

Key Competence

International executive with global pharmaceutical and diagnostics experience within top tier pharmaceutical companies in Russia, CIS, CEE, India, Middle East, APAC and the EU, Commercial Strategy, Business Development, Licenses & Acquisitions, Start-ups Development, Management Consulting, Pharmaceutical Rx & OTC, Online Education in Wellbeing.

  • Université Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg I), Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Harvard Business School

Extensive experience with senior-level expertise and a successful international track record in licensing, partnership search, and alliance management between pharmaceutical companies in Russia, CIS, CEE, India, Middle East, APAC and the EU. Led and completed M&A transactions in Poland and Switzerland. Strategic advisor to large-scale portfolio and implementation projects.


  • AB Biotechnology: UK - Member of the Board of Director
  • Santonika: Member of the board of Director
  • Valtion Medical AG, Managing director/Share
  • TAKEDA, Regional Vice President for Russia/CIS & Central Eastern Europe
  • IMS Health AG, General Manager Switzerland, Hergiswil, Switzerland, Regional Director Russia, CIS and Romania, Bulgaria & Balkans
  • ASTRAZENECA UK, Country President Russia and Area Manager CIS, Moscow
  • RF NOVARTIS AG, General Manager/Country President, Cairo, Egypt / Export 
  • MEA RHONE POULENC RORER - AVENTIS, General Manager/Country President for Russia, Moscow and Regional Manager of CIS Republics, Moscow
  • HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE, General Manager, Moscow, Russia
  • Joint Venture Honorary Member and General Adviser of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Russia
  • Chairperson of the AIPM, Russia
  • Chairman Health Care Committee Association European Business, Moscow
  • Chair of the Health & Pharmaceutical committee at American chamber of commerce, Cairo, Egypt.

The Bloc Nordic

Focus on Medical Communication - We are the Nordic part of The Bloc Partners.

Specialized in healthcare marketing and communications, since 1990. Hans Lindh, the founder, has been responsible for the launch of 225 pharmaceuticals on local, regional and the international markets. TBPN:

  • is experienced in working on local and international assignments, partnering with his clients to address their brands’ strategic and tactical challenges.
  • understands the importance of adapting global communication• have Nordic regulatory experience
  • currently responsible for the digital communication (medical content and design) in 17 European countries, on behalf of the leading pharma company in digital development. • started and still runs the first and only platform with patient instruction films
Bergman & Eek

A Boutique Law Firm specializing in selected business law areas.

Principal felds of practice are strategically planning for privately-owned companies regarding all legal and economical matters. Special focus on developing and establishing new companies or activities abroad, including international tax law for companies and employees


Consultansy and distribution Human Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Vaccines. Turkey, Cyprus

Özceada Consultancy is a niche consultancy, providing business development services to pharmaceutical companies and corporate financing services more widely to companies in the healthcare sector.
The founding partners of this boutique consultancy have many years of top level management experience in Turkish pharma companies, as well as in consultancy experience in providing strategic advice to international pharma companies on product development and portfolio management.çuk-özceada-8b8a851ab/

COB Media

Medical journalism, Social Media

Medical journalism, Social Media serving pharma and med-tech companies, medical and dental practitioners. My focus is on interviewing and writing; patient organization newsletters, home pages, press releases, ads.

Compassion Works Medical, LLC

A small organization providing a personal touch!

COMPASSION WORKS MEDICAL, LLC have a unique and amazing team of HANDS-ON experienced medical billers and insurance specialists that specialize in medical foods, including regulars and part-time volunteers that are committed to helping others. We work for FREE and get paid by the gratefulness. No better reward for our hearts! We take our convictions and turn them into action!


Production and Distribution of OTC & HealtH Care in the Nordic region

Our product philosophy is to deliver high quality wellbeing, by offering you the best supplements. Therefore, our dietary supplements contain as few excipients as possible. All of our minerals are organic with high bioavailability for better absorption, combined with natural vitamins. We believe that naturalness is equal to health and therefore all our products are free of artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives and artificial colors. We also believe that everyone should be able to be healthy and therefore our products do not contain lactose or gluten.

Erasmie & Erasmie AB

Professional Leadership and Business Development

The Leadership Academy is for competence development in collaboration and has trained middle managers, project managers and supervisors since 1999.
The Leadership Academy makes it possible for companies that are not large enough to regularly gather their own course groups to still create continuity in the education. But many large and internationally active companies have also found that the Leadership Academy is an effective way to assimilate experiences from other companies, and at the same time, internally within their own organization, develop a uniform management culture.

Member - Future Me

Future Me is a creative agency with a focus on positive change

We are a digital communications agency that take care of all your creative, visual and digital communication needs. With an extra focus on the fast paced world of moving image and social media. We support your product launch and your companies branding from strategy, photography, media planning, film production and data driven marketing. Our focus is to get to know your demographic and target audience.Learn how they consume information, what they react to and then build visual campaigns and communication strategies that catch and affect this audience. Our expertise is: Brand experience, Brand development, Product launches, Film production, Social media conten, Marketing strategy, Data Driven marketing.

Innoledge International Ltd

Agent for European SME in Asia and provides services of "country care taker" for prescription drugs, OTC, Medical devices, cosmetics and health food.

A multicultural network of professionals with over 30 years of experience in trade and investments in Asia. with special emphasis on Health, Cosmetics and Agro-Food business. Lock into the INNOLEDGE INTERNATIONAL network and you are assured instant access to market surveys and analyses. Undertaking communication-planning with customers and opinion leaders, and lobbying to influence decision makers at various levels are both part of the merit of the multicultural and multi-discipline INNOLEDGE INTERNATIONAL team.


Involved in Business and Commercial Management in the Generics industry during the last years, but with previous experience in the OTC and RX markets.

Business Development, Commercial Management and Project Management are some of the main capabilities to be offered to partners.A strong strategic thinking and a tendency towards pragmatic solutions were developed when creating business from scratch.

Innovative Medicines Group

A private held company created with the objective of filling the very specific and special medical needs of a small population of adults and children seeking life-preserving therapeutics for rare diseases.

Following the leadership of our partners around the world and under the management of a highly experienced team, iMed Group pursues the objective of becoming the leader biopharmaceutical research company in Latin America .
We specialize in the development, marketing and distribution of products used to treat rare diseases where current therapies in Latin America are unavailable, incomplete or inadequate.The company is currently seeking strategic alliances and dedicated to acquiring, developing, registering and marketing high medical value specialty medicines.
nnovative Medicine

JOOL Corporate Finance

JOOL Corporate Finance is specialised in deal structuring for short- and long term debt financing solutions.

JOOL Corporate Finance is specialized in deal structuring for short- and long term debt and equity financing solutions. We help Nordic SME companies finance their business effectively through corporate bonds and other debt financing in the high yield segment.


M&A, Development of new products, Regulatory Affairs, Business Development.

A company founded in 2015, is devoted to consultancy of customers involved in the life science sector, ranging from company strategy definition, market study, partner searching to product development from idea to commercialization, including composition, manufacture and regulatory affairs. Julutions SL brings to its customers options to create value to their current and future products. It offers a relevant network with all the stakeholders of the sector and possesses a wide experience with marketing partners worldwide

Konsulentfirmaet LG. Pharma

Sales Company, Rent-a-Rep, Denmark.

LG Pharma has been around since 2002 and specialises in the pharmaceutical industry. LG's goal is to convey the relevant knowledge to customers and branded suppliers through professional service - in this way we can optimise your sales. Do you need a drug consultant who can guide you? I have my own consulting firm, the consulting firm LG. Pharma, and here you can find a professional medical consultant with many years of experience in, among other things. sales optimisation that is ready to help you.

Lenton Associates

Distributor Search, Product Placement

Well versed in Pan-International brand and market management with regional knowledge of markets, distribution and agents within Europe, Africa, the Far and Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, and South America. Combining business experience with knowledge of best local practice to provide strategic marketing. Specialises in medical devices sector, food supplements, health and beauty sectors, oral hygiene, and new product development.

Reach Pharma

Reach Pharmaceuticals Providing Emerging Therapeutics Globally

Reach Pharmaceuticals is an Australian privately-owned pharmaceutical company established in 2018 with a focus on marketing of innovative products that have a first to market advantage. The company also registers and supplies complex generics and other therapeutic goods formulated based on demand from clinicians. We have the capabilities to pursue compassionate supplies of products to fulfil shortages and manage the entire process from product identification to generation of sales. The company is a leader in the hospital pharmaceuticals space and holds majority market share for all the products launched to date whether registered or supplied under compassionate supplies. We also have an interest in distribution of branded products and will be pursuing launch of new products in the future.

Redhill Integrated

Redhill is your sparring partner and total supplier within agency, digital, print and large format.

RedHill is a Communication house offering creative concept development, strategy, branding, SoMe, SEO and websites. We are specialist within all kinds of printed matter as well as large format printing such as signs, exhibitions, window foil, car decoration and special assignments.

Pharminsight AG

Full-Service market research for the pharmaceutical and helathcare markets

A multiple solution provider in the area of international life science business development. Life science industries of Focus: Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical devices, R&D, medical technologies.
We provide value-added consulting and advisory solutions on building successful alliances in the rapidly changing market environment.


Pharmaphenix is an international pharmaceutical consulting company specialized in the Business Development.

Pharmaphenix is a boutique international pharmaceutical consulting company specialized in all aspects of the Business Development chain. Its clients include a broad range of biotechnology companies, start-up ventures, investors, and pharmaceutical companies.


Continuous digital evolution in traceability, serialisation and quality processes.

Verifarma is a leading global traceability company which provides services of L3, L4 and L5 since 2007. With more than 2.000 implementations in 23 countries Verifarma helps companies in their continuous digital evolution in order to comply with regulations, ensure quality and protect the brand from the origin of the product until it has been consumed through simple, solid and efficient solutions.

Ziwell Medical

Ziwell Medical has since 1992 been a profitable and reputable pharmaceutical and Medical device distribution enterprise.

An exclusive distributor for suppliers & manufacturers in the healthcare industry since 1992, focusing on sales & distribution of quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices & health-products in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei; Ziwell also assists our suppliers to obtain regulatory approval for aspects relating to import, sales & marketing of healthcare products.

Affecta Publishing

Production & Publication Medical Lecture, PR, Journalism, Strategic planning.

Consulting with focus on Healthcare. For more than 25 years we´ve been working in the Nordic region with market development and knowledge; market research and data analysis, product and concept launches and brand awareness as well as working as a mentor to management. On our client list you´ll find multinational companies, authorities and interest groups. Our competence areas • Strategies • External analyses • Business plans • Marketing plans • Board work Coaching .

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    Regulatory Service, Clinical Evaluations & Pharmacovigliance

    With intimate knowledge on regional healthcare structures and governance, GHN can assist with all regulatory stages, from dossier submissions to applications for final registration and reimbursement. A board of highly qualified scientists within the appropriate medical discipline can evaluate available information and give guiding advice on future developments. GHN also offer traceability solutions (Serialisation).

    PR, Social Media, IT

    GHN is able to provide optimal social media strategies. With two medical journalist GHN offers press releases, scientifc articles, media interviews and medical-scientifc publications. Furthermore, with associated IT specialists, GHN can assist with website constructions.

    Market Analysis & Research

    The analysis and research is performed by therapeutic area. GHN investigates and analyse the potential market to understand, competitors, customers, and end users. GHN also investigates market regulations, wholesaling, detailing and price development.

    Investment & Fund Seeking

    GHN is able to introduce, finance or co-finance development projects within our core business, to investors. This is possible through co-investment from financial partners. GHN also offers evaluations of investment projects.

    Human Resources (HR)

    GHN offer to take part in planning, coordinating and helping the administrative functions of your organisation. GHN oversee recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff and consult with top executives on strategic planning. GHN also may take part in education, coaching and can be of help regarding “in between” Management.

    Global Networking

    GHN understand the cultural and Regulatory environment, the Political and Economic situation. GHN ́s network is present in Albania, Australia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brunei, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, MENA, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA, Uruguay.

    Congressional Surveillance & Conference Services

    GHN can provide tailor made first hand reports from scientifc conferences. GHN can broadcast interviews and commented highlights from international conferences. GHN also arrange web seminars, company and customer congresses and exhibitions.

    Advisory Board, Strategic planning & Legal Assistance

    GHN Core Circle offers service as an advisory board for strategic decisions like, analysing possible market strategies and explore optimal market segments, negotiation terms, alliance management, portfolio gap analysis, launch plans. GHN also offers legal assistance on matters like due diligence, local regulations, tax matters, contractual matters, company set ups, M&A or JV formations.

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    Would you like to be a member of GHN?

    GHN is offering a total service platform for the Life Science sector, including Product Placement and Distributor Search on an international level. GHN consists of three circles; “Core Circle”, ”Member Circle” and ”Network Circle”

    If you would like to be a member of GHN, you are welcome to send an application. Please introduce your company and/or yourself with your curriculum vitae. GHN will hereafter review your application. We expect to be able to give you a written feed-back within 2 weeks.